Leather gloves and see-through minidress


Sammi Jo has got a gorgeous body with big breast. In this gallery she wears a very short see-through fishnet minidress. Her vintage leather gloves are very soft and she use them to sensually caress her body. The minidress is not long enough to cover her butt and make tits flashing is very easy. Read More »

With these heels we tear your skin to shreds

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Andriana and Molly are heading out to a party looking all edible in their outfits, but they feel they need to clean the bottom of their stiletto heels. In comes a willing slave offering himself as a sacrifice to the cause, and the girls start to scrape their heels on his back. They quickly forget about cleaning though and just ... Read More »

Shocking cruel glovejob

ShockingCruelRuinedOrgasm_Trailer thumbnail

The Hunteress looks so hot in that black vintage lingerie and after putting on long leather gloves she checks herself in the mirror. Perfect and amazing. She smiles at herself but there is a reason why she has styled so hot: She will tease her strong slave and drive him crazy and then she will brutally ruin his orgasm.¬†She knows ... Read More »

My leather gloves make you cum too hard?

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Hi, I’m Sara from Italy. I’m a dominant housewife and an expert about husband training. One of the most important tools to keep an husband under total obedience is handjob. Glovejob if the subject is a fetishist like my husband. Every wife have to know that masturbate a man abundantly and vigorously at least a time every day is the ... Read More »

Black leather gloves and pink minidress


This gorgeous brunette with long hair and killer glasses wears a pink minidress, vintage stockings, high heels and soft black leather goves. She tantalize you like hell sittng on a chair and sensually moving her perfect body. Sometimes she pulls up her skirt revealing her vintage polka dot pants. Read More »

Blow My Stiletto Heels

BlowMyStilettoHeels_Trailer thumbnail

An arrogant fetish Mistress in croco leather leggings mekes her slave cleaning her ultra sexy patent leather stiletto heels pumps with pointy toes. Those designer shoes are very expensive, so the slave have to worship them very carefully. He licks with great devotion Mistress pumps and suck the sharp high heels deep throating them. The Goddess conducts the action with ... Read More »

Leather milking

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The Mistress comes in leather coat, patent leather miniskirt and boots, pantyhose and a big belt. The slave is helpless bound and this Lady is so sexy that his cock gets throbbing and rock hard in seconds. She start to tease him with her exciting hands, then she appends her leather coat on slave’s head and gives him an unforgettable ... Read More »

Leather Goddess Smoking

LeatherGoddessSmoking2 thumbnail

Take a deep breath before you start watching this clip because Mistress Akella will take your breath away. The blond goddess looks so stunning in her skin tight black leather outfit. You will wish to kneel in front of her and obey every of her orders. Her slave may light up her cigarette and while the mean lady sits on ... Read More »

Leather glovejob and ruined orgasm

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Mistress T slave is bound on the bed and she is willing to drive him crazy teasing him with her leather opera gloves, ultra high heels fetish pumps, corset and stockings. She also fucks him a little bit to bring his arousal to maximum level. Then she starts a mind blowing glovejob until the slave is near to cum a ... Read More »

The fetish Lady and her maid

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A divine Miss Nina Birch in leather opera gloves, fur, satin blouse, pencil skirt, tan stockings and patent leather high heels sandals is very disappointed with her sissy slave. The maid seems very devote in massaging Goddess feet, polish her fetish pumps and sucking her sandals stiletto heels but obviously this is not enough for a Mistress like miss Birch. ... Read More »